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Practice Areas

Commercial Real Estate and
Investment Property



















Our commercial real estate practice assists clients with all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including negotiating, drafting and reviewing complex, integrated documents for the acquisition, financing, leasing, development, exchange and sale of commercial properties. Our practice involves all commercial real estate uses, including retail, office, multi-family, mixed-use, condominium, industrial, and healthcare. Our clients range in size and scope from the local, entrepreneurial developer to the national, institutional investor.


Our clients benefit from our lawyers’ extensive knowledge of the business and financial issues underlying commercial real estate transactions and their understanding of the commercial real estate market. We maintain collegial relationships with other lawyers and businesspeople in the commercial real estate space, which we believe allows our lawyers to work collaboratively with the other side of the transaction to achieve a common goal. Nonetheless, we always remain advocates for our clients’ positions, bringing to bear experience, expertise and creativity to ensure that our clients are well-represented.

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning





















Let us provide you with peace of mind for you and your family. With our counseling, we can help reduce the time that may be spent in probate, reduce the burden of estate taxes, and securely preserve your your family's wealth and legacy.  


No family is the same and there is no “standard plan or will”.  We are here to meet your family's needs.  It's a time of careful consideration and our firm applies compassionate legal counsel to meet  your goals and care for your loved ones.  All the while, we carefully explain each step in a way that actually makes sense and is understood.  This is how it should be and our clients agree.  We hear it time and time again through their kind words and sighs of true relief when the plan comes together.  


We are grateful to be there to help and to be a part of something so important to many. 

Business and Corporate Planning



















Business executives and owners look to outside legal counsel for more than just legal advice.  They want someone who will function as a member of their management team and fill the role of an experienced business counselor on issues ranging from organization and structure to negotiating mergers and acquisitions. 


At the Helfing Law Firm, we provide our business clients with continuous quality legal service and personal contact which is unique among other law firms.  We respond to each client's needs with the attention and personal concern we know each business requires.  Understanding your business is our business.


Among the clients we represent are entrepreneurial and business start-ups, growing technology companies, long-established family-owned businesses, professional corporations, and large privately-held companies.  Let the experienced attorneys at the Helfing Law Firm help you and your business get the job done.

Commercial Litigation



















The Helfing Law Firm has both the experience and resources to meet complex litigation needs of small to mid-sized companies and individuals alike, from pre-litigation negotiation through appeal.


Getting results is our prime consideration because it is your prime consideration. We recognize that profitable and responsible operation in a litigation-prone environment is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses.  Likewise, individuals also face many perils throughout their daily activities.  Whether it be through litigation, mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution techniques, we pursue legal solutions that meet business and personal objectives and provide the high level of service and counseling you should expect from your lawyer.  At the end of the day, it’s our business to help yours and we never lose sight of that.


Our commercial litigation clients span many industries and include major corporations, mid-sized and emerging businesses, educational institutions, industry executives and high-net-worth individuals.  Our clients are based throughout the region and nation.  We strive to earn our first-time clients’ trust, and reaffirm and strengthen our relationships with returning clients.

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